Benefits & Performance

LabMinds developed the Revo platform as an open system for automated liquid solution production, making it uniquely flexible and customizable to user needs.

Revo doses and mixes precise quantities of solid and liquid reagents, and processes them according to the user's exact specifications.

Revo is fitted to include pH electrodes and conductivity sensors, which are regularly autocalibrated to ensure accuracy.

Once a solution is ready, Revo dispenses it into secure storage bottles to await collection. It then automatically self-cleans in preparation for its next task.

Revo is designed to:

  • Save users time by automating repetitive and protocol-centric tasks
  • Improve lab flexibility, productivity and throughput
  • Increase process reliability, traceability and repeatability
  • Facilitate process and regulatory adherence and compliance (e.g. GLP)
  • Reduce user exposure to dangerous chemicals
  • Make tracking and accounting simple

The Revo platform provides:

  • Preparation of sterile and non-sterile buffer, stock, screening and related solutions with multiple controlled variables
  • Efficient production of small batches
  • Optical registration of visual solution characteristics
  • Continuous monitoring of process, reaction and liquid properties
  • Easy access to analytical and diagnostic data
  • Clear and detailed progress reports

Solid Storage: Easy reagent restocking; optional environmental control

Solid Dosing: In-line placement; milligram accuracy; no cross-contamination

Touch-screen User Interface: Solution ordering; maintenance and administration

Server System (integrated): Direct customer support; automatic process adherance; optional automatic re-ordering

Full Automation: Self calibrating; self cleaning; self priming

Close up of Revolution by LabMinds

Water Purifier (integrated): Self-sufficient ultra-pure water provision

Liquid Handling: Separate flow paths for each liquid; millilitre accuracy; easy access to pumping system

Mixing Chamber: Mixing of solids and liquids; monitoring of process conditions; self-cleaning

Vacuum Filter (optional): Contamination-free filtering

Delivery System: Delivery of solution into bottles; sequential and automatic job processing



Revo Anywhere

Revo's web interface features remote tracking and ordering software that allows the user to request and customize solutions from anywhere in the world. Upon completion of the production and dispensing process, Revo notifies the user that the solution is ready for collection.

Revo Reporting

Revo's report function tracks and calculates chemical consumption in a format that is easy to access and to understand, notifying lab personnel when re-stocking is required and allowing for different laboratories to share common reagent stock.

Revo Optimised

Revo's on-demand capabilities ensure that users always have access to fresh buffers and solutions. It eliminates decay-related variations in pH and other solution characteristics. Its freshness and accuracy mean that its solutions often outperform those offered by other liquid buffer suppliers, at much shorter lead times.

Revo Tomorrow

Revo's functionality can be expanded with additional modules to extend its capabilities. We at LabMinds are looking forward to discussing with you how we can adapt Revo to meet your exact requirements.



  • Control System
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)
  • Weight
  • Power Supply Voltage
  • Power Consumption
  • Touch Screen
  • LabMinds LabOS
  • 600 x 1300 x 600 mm
  • 70 kg (water tank empty)
  • 100-240 V
  • 800-1100 W
  • 7" diagonal, capacitive*

Input Systems

  • Solid Dosing Accuracy
  • Number of Solid Containers
  • Number of Liquid Channels
  • Liquid Dosing Accuracy
  • Solid Containment Temperature
  • 10 mg
  • 14
  • up to 12
  • 0.5 ml*
  • 4 °C to room temperature (requires upgrade)

Output Systems

  • Number of Bottles
  • Label Contents
  • 4 (1L or 2L; round or square)
  • Solution Contents, Creation Date, Use-By Date, Hazard Symbols, pH Value, Ordering Party (customizable).

Process Systems

  • Placement of pH sensor
  • pH Reading Range
  • pH Sensor Accuracy
  • pH Sensor Temperature Range
  • Conductivity Reading Range
  • Conductivity Accuracy
  • Temperature Sensor Range
  • Solution Volume
  • pH Calibration
  • Placement of Conductivity Sensor
  • Bottom of mixing Chamber
  • > 0 to 14
  • ± 0.1
  • 0 to 100 °C
  • 0.1 to 9999 μS/cm*
  • ± 1%
  • 0 to 99 °C*
  • 100 to 2000 ml*
  • 2 or 3 point calibration (pH4, pH7, pH10)
  • Bottom of mixing chamber

*The specifications of the system vary depending on the ordered configuration. LabMinds reserves the right to change components and adapt specifications at any time.

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    LabMinds develops, manufactures and sells next generation solutions for laboratory challenges with a particular focus on combining advanced laboratory products with leading edge usability and network technologies.

    LabMinds's lead product, Revo, automates the ubiquitous process of solution preparation, combining features such as water purification, solid storage, solid dosing, weighing, stirring, temperature control, pH control, vacuum filtering, label printing and GLP adherence in one extremely usable solution.

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